Defending Online Reputation

Pain Point: Online Gossip About Your Store Getting Ugly?

Defending Online Reputation

Resolution: Actively Defend Your Reputation Online

What’s the old saying about publicity? Even bad publicity is good, as long as you spell my name right. That may be true for the bad boys and girls of Hollywood fame and misfortune but that’s not the kind of reputation that bodes well for long-term success in the car business. As the video demonstrates, with today’s communication tools available to any disgruntled consumer, it’s important to defend your reputation online.

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Online Listening Tools

Pain Point: Customers are talking. Are you in the conversation?

Resolution: Online Listening Tools

How long would you stay in business if you disconnected your phones? Stupid question, right? You wouldn’t even consider it. But are you disconnected from a vast majority of current and potential customers in a new and different way? Are you clued into the “chatter” about your store that’s there for anyone with an Internet connection to see? The video shows some easy ways to join the conversation and gather critical information with online listening tools.

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Internet Response Time

Pain Point: Boosting Online Success

Resolution: Internet Lead Response Time

Your store managers and employees know how to handle “ups” on the lot. They’ve been doing it for years. There’s a system. And if it didn’t work you’d be out of business by now.

But what about the “ups” who visit your virtual store on the Internet? Are you happy with your online performance? More importantly, are you setting and measuring the proper benchmarks? Are you asking the right questions about your Internet ups and how your staff handles them?

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Internet Structure

Pain Point: Restructuring for Online Sales Success

Resolution: Internet Structure

Car dealerships have been operating for more than a century. There’s a wealth of knowledge about how to organize the store to succeed in the physical world.

But what about the virtual world? The Internet created a whole new game, one that constantly evolves and involves a lot more than your website. Is your team organized to play? Do you have people to fill the new positions on the field of play?

In the video, a leading expert discusses restructuring your store for online success.

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Brand Management

Pain Point: Is Your Reputation Getting Hammered Online?

Resolution: Page One Management

Reputation. It takes years and untold amounts of money to build a solid reputation. But only seconds to lose it on the Internet.

Brand damage usually refers to a product in crisis. But in the case of dealerships, the brand is the dealer’s name. It’s easy for dissatisfied and disgruntled consumers to go online and attack dealers. Nobody’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes but dealers put their dealerships in peril if they don’t defend their reputations online.

The video describes some of the challenges and solutions.

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Internet SEO

Pain Point: Is Your Website Lonely and Forgotten?

Resolution: Internet SEO

Your website looks great. And it should. You spent enough money on it. But is it as lonely as a pimply-faced teenager without a date on a Friday night?

The fact is that lonely websites make for lonely showrooms. There’s a lot of traffic on the Information Superhighway, but if it’s passing by your website without giving it a glance, you need to make some changes that will make it easier for you to “hook up” with potential suitors online.

The video shows how to not make your website more attractive but more visible.

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Internet Conversions

Pain Point: Website Hits and Misses

Resolution: Internet Conversions

In baseball, a batter can’t just have a good-looking swing. He’s actually got to hit the ball. It’s the same with websites. It may look good. But what is its batting average? Is your site even getting to first base with potential customers? Is it striking out too much? And just as in baseball if a batter is not performing well, the manager makes adjustments. You’re the manager of your Internet team.

Watch the video for an explanation of why you should regularly check your website’s effectiveness.

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