Pain Points Highlights

Pain Point Highlights

Pain Points Highlights

What “pain” are you feeling?

What “pain” are you feeling— how to grow the business, reduce expenses, ensure compliance with the many legal and regulatory requirements?

These and many other critical topics are addressed in the Dealer Pain Points series from NADA University—all at no charge. Short video vignettes and a meeting guide provide the foundation for a productive 30-minute meeting with your dealership staff.

Straight-to-the-point videos instruct you on what to do to address the issues and opportunities facing your dealership. For more training resources, click on the PDF unique to each pain point for a listing of what is available at NADA University and where to find it.

NADA University offers a broad selection of resources to support you. Visit:

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Service Advisors

Pain Point: Salesmanship in the Service Lane

Resolution: Service Writers

Your hot-shot salesmen might parade around the showroom in starched shirts with French cuffs. But your biggest-grossing employee might be on the job long before the showroom doors open.

High-performance service advisors keep everyone in the store busy. Unfortunately, far too many employees in the service lane are masters of the profit-killing “one-line repair order.”

Before you fix another vehicle, fix that problem. And in the video right below, you’ll see how.

For more information, download our Service Advisors PDF.

Internet Structure

Pain Point: Restructuring for Online Sales Success

Resolution: Internet Structure

Car dealerships have been operating for more than a century. There’s a wealth of knowledge about how to organize the store to succeed in the physical world.

But what about the virtual world? The Internet created a whole new game, one that constantly evolves and involves a lot more than your website. Is your team organized to play? Do you have people to fill the new positions on the field of play?

In the video, a leading expert discusses restructuring your store for online success.

For more information, download our Internet Structure PDF.

Internet Conversions

Pain Point: Website Hits and Misses

Resolution: Internet Conversions

In baseball, a batter can’t just have a good-looking swing. He’s actually got to hit the ball. It’s the same with websites. It may look good. But what is its batting average? Is your site even getting to first base with potential customers? Is it striking out too much? And just as in baseball if a batter is not performing well, the manager makes adjustments. You’re the manager of your Internet team.

Watch the video for an explanation of why you should regularly check your website’s effectiveness.

For more information, download our Internet Conversions PDF.

Special Order Parts

Pain Point: The Survivalist Parts Manager

Resolution: Special Order Parts

Unless you’re a survivalist, you don’t have a year’s supply of food in your house. Why tie up the money? Besides, some of the food inventory could spoil.

But does your parts manager have survivalist tendencies? Is your parts department overstocked with parts that are on the costly road to obsolescence? Poor parts management costs you money in two ways. First, it ties up cash today. And there’s a carrying cost to that. Second, parts with no demand history lose value that can’t be recouped.

Watch the video — it points the finger at the #1 cause of obsolete parts.

For more information, download our Parts Management PDF.

Risk-Based Pricing

Pain Point: Requirement for Credit Customer Notices

Resolution: Learning to comply with Risk-Based Pricing

Dealership F & I departments have a new federal rule they must comply with effective January 1, 2011. That’s when the new Risk Based Pricing Rule took effect. Congress mandated the rule when it passed the FACT Act in 2003.

The rule is designed to help customers understand the effect that their credit report has on the credit terms they are being offered. That sound simple enough but finding a way to implement the law’s objective in the real world proved to be far more difficult for the two agencies charged with writing the regulations: the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Trade Commission. NADA suggested the agencies find a manageable way for dealers to comply with the law. And they did.

Watch the “Dealer Deadline” video to learn more about dealership responsibilities under the new rule.

For more information, download our Risk-Based Pricing PDF.

Extended Service Contracts

Pain Point: Low Service Contract Sales

Resolution: Profit-Building Tools and Training from NADA University

Service contracts don’t exactly sell themselves, do they? What dealer wouldn’t want a product that not only makes money today but improves service department profitability and brings customers back to buy their next car? If that sounds to you like something that not only boosts profits but builds a business, you’re right.

But the truth is that even the best products are just opportunities – they never really sell themselves.

Watch the video to discover how a single sale can turn into a profit-rippling wave that surges through your dealership and leads to steady growth in every department.

For more information, download our Extended Service Contracts PDF.